Personal VPN Service

Personal VPN

VPN protection for your laptop, netbook or desktop. All web surfing, email, instant messaging and more, are encrypted. The VPN IP address becomes your IP address.

By creating an encrypted tunnel, the VPN unblocks web sites, allows IP phones to appear to be in the USA, Canada, Europe or Asia and secures your connection.

Protect your personal data while ensuring access to all of your favorite web sites --inside and outside of the USA. More Info.

$69.99/6 months
Personal VPN Flash Drive

Secure Email

Email providers back up and store emails for years. When you delete an email from your account it is only deleted from your view.

The service includes Personal VPN service that is required to access the Email

In addition, emails are scanned and read by ISP's, network providers and email providers. Most email systems are not private. If you value your privacy, you need a secure email. More Info

$26.99/mo $99.99/6 months $169.99/yr
VPN Router

VPN Routers

Secure your entire home or small business network with a VPN router. Route all of your home or business devices through the VPN

Plug your IP phone, Xbox, PS3, Apple TV or Roku device directly into the VPN network.

Purchase a VPN router and your existing SurfBouncer Personal VPN account can be used on it to unblock websites and access regionally blocked web sites all over the world.  More Info

Routers from $99 (VPN purchased separately)
Personal VPN Service

VPN Lite

If you don't need all the features and locations the regular Personal VPN service provides, we have several lite plans. These plans will save you money and unblock all sites.

We have 5 plans that use the same high speed servers as our premium service.

USA Only Personal VPN service, Europe Only VPN Service,  Five Country VPN Service, Unblock China VPN service and Unblock the Middle East VPN service.   More Info

Starting at $3.99/mo or $39.99/yr

Unblock Websites

Work or live overseas and unable to access favorite web sites?


Using a restricted network where websites, and more, are censored?


Many countries, ISP's and network owners censor and block web content. Now, easily unblock and download censored music/video or access websites.


Unblock Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, IP phones and social sites -- anywhere in the world.


Identity Theft and Internet Privacy

Most people don't realize that, while awaiting a flight or enjoying a cup of coffee, hackers can access their email, credit card information, passwords, surfing patterns and other privileged or confidential material -- right over the wireless connection.

Every website visited can easily be recorded by employers, your ISP or anyone having access to the network you are on or your ISP's network.

Search engines and websites record information to build databases. Even worse, they store this information for years.

SurfBouncer Personal VPN ensures complete privacy so that your information cannot be obtained.


Static IP VPN


The features of our Personal VPN plus a static IP address that allows you to keep the same external IP address every time you log in.


This feature allows you to appear to be coming in from the same location, regardless of where you are in the world.


Road warriors who need to access office equipment use this service. By always having the same IP, the home office can allow only that IP address through their firewall which enhances corporate security immensely. More Info...

Secure Email

Are you looking for an Email service that doesn't scan and record every message you write? Do you want offshore Email servers to prevent snooping of the messages? Do you want your messages actually deleted when you put them in the trash as opposed to being saved on backup servers for years?

Our Secure Email Service provides this and more.  Read more ...

Dedicated VPN Servers

Your own server and personal IP address. This address can be static or can change over time for maximum privacy. Read more...



Family Plan

Save money and get your whole family on the VPN and be able to use the service on multiple computers in your home at the same time. Includes four fully featured Personal VPN accounts. This special plan provides a 50% savings compared to standard rates.  Read more...


Changing IP VPN


This service provides multiple IP addresses which change daily and never repeat. IP addresses are random and are located in different countries. The perfect service for those who want fresh IP addresses daily.  Read more ...

PPTP and L2TP Only

For customers who use exclusively tablets and smart phones we offer a PPTP and L2TP only service at a discounted rate from the full Personal VPN service.  Read more...



New Server Locations

New OpenVPN/PPTP/L2TP server in Egypt


New OpenVPN/PPTP/L2TP server in Czech Republic


New OpenVPN/PPTP/L2TP server in Denmark

Server locations: Australia - Brazil - Canada - Cyprus - Czech Republic - Denmark - Egypt - France - Germany - Hong Kong - India - Ireland - Japan - Netherlands - Panama - Russia - Singapore - United Kingdom - USA West - USA Central - USA East

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